Roy Pace has made available the book "Good-bye Trieste" by Vladimir Lisiani,  which records General Winterton's speech, broadcast on Radio Trieste at 1400 hrs on 5 October 1954. It has been translated by Larry Southgate.
A few days later General Winterton issued this Special Order of the Day to British troops to mark the comclusion of their service in Trieste

"Good-bye Trieste"

Translation of a speech that General Winterton made in Italian on 5 October 1954 in a broadcast over Radio Trieste at 1400 hours.

“I am very pleased to be able to declare that it has just been announced that an agreement between the Italian and Jugoslav Governments has been signed this morning in London. This agreement has been reached after long negotiations during which the governments of the United States and Great Britain have given all the support in their power for the reaching of a solution acceptable by the parties directly interested. The relative documents will be published today and there is a point to which I must draw your attention. The Memorandum of Understanding establishes a period of one year during which any inhabitant of both of the Zones may change their residence should they wish to do so. This signifies that in the restricted zone touched by the adjusting of the frontier between Zone ‘A’ and Zone ‘B’, each individual has all the time necessary to make their decision. And no one will find themselves faced with the necessity to abandon their house.
Inevitably there will be a brief period before the Armed Forces of the United States and Great Britain can leave Zone ‘A’ of the Free Territory of Trieste, and before the administration of the Zone can be transferred to the Italian Authorities.
During this period the full authority of the Zone ‘A’ and the responsibility for the respect of the laws and the maintenance of order will remain my competence.

I have predisposed that in awaiting the imminent change, the Italian flag can be flown on the Prefecture and on Municipal Buildings. I await with pleasure to welcome General De Renzi, who has been designated to represent the Italian Government in arranging the plan for the transfer of powers and I know that an agreement will be speedily concluded. This will comprise the provisions for the transfer of civilian powers and for the arrival of the Italian Armed Forces. There is also one further point. I know it is the intention of the Italian Government to assume and conserve in efficiency the Civil Police of Venezia Giulia. This gives me particular satisfaction.”

Special Order of the Day issued by General Winterton to British troops on 20th October 1954